Welcome to Ariadne Associates

Does your small business or charity need People Management, HR or Employment Law support? If so, you’re in the right place!

Ariadne Associates provides you with cost effective Human Resources consultancy, advice and support when you need it – without the expense of taking on a full time employee.

We provide friendly, helpful advice from a fully CIPD qualified professional and help you with implementing it as well. Our aim is always to give you a practical, legal and appropriate business solution – not tell you that you “can’t do” something.

As the CIPD recently put it “a relationship with an HR consultant can, for SMEs, be as important as a relationship with an external accountant“. So let us take the hassle out of your people management issues: contact us for a free, no obligation, discussion about how we can help.


Although restrictions in England formally ended on 27 January 2022, we understand that many clients may prefer to continue to hold meetings via video (Zoom/Teams etc) and we are happy to do this. Remember that employers still have a health and safety responsibility to minimise risks (including from Covid) and so we will work within any restrictions or guidelines you have set. Equally, if you prefer a face to face meeting that is also fine.  Just let us know when you get in touch

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