How We Work With You

Our aim is to provide you with help and assistance when you need it, in the most practical way possible. So if you need a face to face meeting we’re happy to do that, or if it’s simply a quick query by phone or email we’ll respond as soon as we can.

There are three common ways we work with businesses


These are traditional consultancy assignments – you have a particular piece of people management work and you engage Ariadne Associates to carry it out – for example, a management development project, a job evaluation exercise, or a redundancy programme. It could even be as simple as asking for your employment contracts and staff handbook to be written.


If you need regular  HR advice and support, or have a number of issues that need to be tackled, this may be the best solution for your business. You contract for a fixed number of days over a time period and are billed monthly in advance for them. You receive a discounted day rate and have the ability to use the time when your business needs it. For example, if you needed 6 days support over 6 months, you would be billed one day per month. You could use the time when you required during the six months – you might use 2-3 days one month and nothing the following month.

Pay As You Go

Startups and very small organisations (25 staff or less) still need support but often on an infrequent basis. Our pay as you go package allows you to get occasional ad-hoc advice without being tied in to a formal agreement – the organisation is only billed when it has used up half a day or a day’s worth of time. It guarantees you the reassurance of access to an HR adviser, without needing to budget for a monthly fee.

As the overwhelming majority of our clients are smaller organisations we charge a very competitive £595 per day – with discounted rates for charities and those on retainer. Contact us for full details

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