Happy Working Relationships

Happy Working Relationships update cover– the small business guide to managing people and employment law

There are plenty of advice books for small business about finance; about marketing, and about strategy. However, you won’t find many on managing people.

But if you run a small business – or charity, or not-for-profit organisation – then your people are probably the most precious, and expensive, asset you have. Luckily, the answer is now at hand.  Aimed at owner/managers of small businesses, chief executives of small charities, or entrepreneurs planning a new start-up, Happy Working Relationships is a straightforward and practical approach to getting the best out of the people you work with. Its aim is to demystify employment jargon and give you a clear overview of employment law and people management issues.

Written by Ariadne Associates founder and director Simon Jones, it can be read either as a general overview of employment responsibilities and approaches, or in standalone sections dealing with specific issues. Throughout it takes a level-headed and fair approach to people management that’ll help you create and maintain happy working relationships.

Shortlisted for the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year 2018, Happy Working Relationships was described by HR Zone as “a common sense view of all aspects of employing staff“. The first edition was also praised by reviewers on Amazon who called it “a brilliant quick guide…small business-friendly [and] practical” and “written in straightforward everyday language

The new expanded and updated edition is now available as a paperback and Kindle e-book.

Buy the paperback direct from us for just £8.99 –  a saving of £4 on the cover price. Simply click on the PayPal link below  (will open up PayPal to allow you to make the purchase)

Happy Working Relationships – Revised Edition

Copy of the Paperback edition of “Happy Working Relationships”, at the discounted price of £8.99 plus £1.95 postage


If you’d prefer the Kindle version simply click here to visit the Amazon website.

If you are interested in purchasing a bulk order (10+ copies) please contact Simon via email for terms.


Simon has also contributed to the two internationally best-selling books of HR blogs:

Humane, Resourced (2013) –  Simon’s chapter “Is Small Beautiful?” looks at what lessons bigger businesses can learn from the HR approaches in smaller ones

This Time It’s Personnel (2014) – Simon’s chapter “The Ministry of Curious Stuff” examines why we do our best to stifle curiosity in the workplace when it can lead to so many positive business developments

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