How Poor Recruitment Can Wreck Your Business

Originally published April 2012

Poor, shoddy customer service is something which most people aren’t prepared to accept these days.  We’re more likely to complain than in the past if we don’t receive prompt responses, if a company fails to deliver what it promised or if they try to fob us off. And in these days of social media, a moan about a particular company (such as Waitrose or H&M) doesn’t just go to a few friends but can be around the country or globe in minutes. Years of careful marketing and “brand management” can go out of the window in hours or days with a tweet from an irate customer.

Yet when it comes to recruitment, how many HR people consider the organisation’s image when planning the process? But how many times have you come away from a job interview thinking “what an awful organisation – I wouldn’t work there for double the salary”?

There’s really no excuse for not giving candidates a positive impression of your organisation, and you should always be striving to ensure that your recruitment processes match the public image your organisation has. As US recruitment guru Crystal Miller points out, candidates only expect two things:

  • Acknowledgement- simply that you’ve applied and we acknowledge that. Thank you.
  • Closure- simply that you are or are not qualified for the position, that you are or are not getting the job, there are or are not other opportunities with us, and we acknowledge all these things in a consistent and timely manner. Thank you.

But a good recruitment process offers them more: an insight into working for you, your organisation’s culture and values. Just as much as you deciding who you want to recruit, the candidates will be deciding whether they want to work with you – you are  forming a relationship.

And finally – don’t forget the rejected candidates. Depending on their skills, they may well end up working for a client, supplier or major customer. A bad impression of your company based on their recruitment experience may well cost you in the future.

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